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Education Plan

Individual Education Plan

IEPs at Radhika Town High School are primary by the pupil and for the pupil; this develops met cognition and independence. IEPs are also use ful for parents, teacher, teaching assistants and outside agencies. The IEPs are intended to be easy to read and easy to complete. They include:

  • A picture
  • What the pupil like
  • What the pupil need help with
  • Additional strategies and provisions that will help pupil

Discipline and Moral Value

Discipline builds character, develop strength and foster Co-operation along with it. Moral values are based on honesty, compassion, courage and forgiveness.Unnecessary absence from school is discouraged by authorities. Repeated violation of school rules may lead to strict disciplinary action or impulsion from school.

Computer Education

The school provide a well equipped computer lab where students can tone up their skills and got exposure to a whole new world of knowledge and information through the internet.

Digital Class

The school collaborates with HCL Digi School to provide depth knowledge about the subjects. Academic Curriculum: Pre-Primary The foundation stage — a lot of activities — story telling, number and word games; coloring and printing; craft and design; imaginative plays; etc. — "All for a happy child"

Primary (Class I-IV)

Laughing, Playing, Learning, Listening, Sharing and Growing Innovative teaching and continuous assessment small classes indoor and outdoor activity based teaching learning programme;field trips.

Middle School (Class V-VIII)

A love for learning - Broad and balanced outlook relevant to current world scenario current and progressive assessment.

High School and High Secondary

The school students arranged 30 hours per week (approx.)of class time academic goals include finishing every reading assignment before class getting straight to keep grade point average above a certain level.

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